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Reviewed by with a 5.0/5.0 rating!

"The book that should come with every rider's first mountain bike"


Reviewed by Online Book Club with 4 out of 4 stars!

"Engaging and enlightening"


 Outstanding review on!

"...this book is certain to keep you hooked."


What readers are saying:

"Everything beginner and intermediate riders need to know about mountain biking..."


"The content is in-depth and will cover the basics for many years to come."

"Crammed with useful information...a book you could read again and again and keep going back to for reference. I have already found a new confidence in my riding"

"I'm an advanced beginner rider and I learned a lot from this book that I can apply immediately."

"...addresses all ins and outs of mountain biking that even an experienced rider might not be aware of. I often find myself referring back to this book after a ride to see if I could have handled a certain situation differently."

"Reading this book will make anyone a better rider."

"Very clearly written and well laid out format. Very easy to find information, and thoroughly researched."

"The writing is vivid and entertaining to read and is accompanied with excellent diagrams and beautiful photographs."

                            Rated #1 by Book Authority!

    "Best in the world based on recommendations by thought leaders and experts"


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Author Blog Posts:

    The mountain biking experience...

    Imagine flying through the forest with the wind whistling in your ears and the tires crunching the ground below. Trees are zipping by as the narrow winding trail rapidly unfolds before you. Your senses are fully engaged and you're feeling a connection with the terrain as it dictates your every move...flowing over and around the bumps, through the turns, and over the hills. Your heart is pounding and you're ready for anything. This is when you grin broadly knowing that there’s nothing else you would rather be doing...

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